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Friday, June 4, 2010

6921 - Monorail Accessory Track

A set of broken dreams, unfulfilled promises.  A set useless on its own, but perhaps excessive when combined.  It's meant to be combined with other monorail sets, in particular space themed monorail sets.  There's something beautiful about the simplicity of the photo I think, just a large oval, with a drawing of a monorail to illustrate the purpose of the tracks.

I never had a monorail myself, but they always looked pretty cool.  I did receive several 9volt train sets, however, which I think I are in a lot of ways better, but harder to integrate.  The great thing about the monorail is that it's hand-powered (I think?) so it adapts well to whatever you're building.  The monorail is both futuristic and modern, whereas train tracks are modern and historic.

Wonder if anyone ever got this set, but didn't have a monorail already to go along with it.  Would be kinda depressing I suppose.

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