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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lego City, The ultimate Police State?

There are currently approximately 140 LEGO Police sets, from 1977 all the way up to the present.  Nearly every year featured a plethora of these sets.  Lego city houses nearly a dozen different police stations of various sizes and capabilities.  But why the need for such a large police force?

A common theme to these police stations is the inclusion of a helipad on the roof.  We see it time and time again, from this 1986 set up to the current 2011 police station below (note that this set may be missing a helicopter, but it does still include a helipad).

Why the need for so many helicopters?  The answer is that Lego City is a police state, with helicopters constantly flying around, monitoring the citizens, and instilling fear into their very acrylonitrile butadiene styrene bodies.  There are around as many helicopter sets as there are police station sets.  Is crime such an issue in Lego city that there needs to be such a large police force?

When will the oppression and fear-mongering in Lego city end?  Or will it just continue to deteriorate as the Lego police force becomes more invasive, setting up mobil monitoring stations and wiretapping innocent civilians?

The future, too, seems bleak, as the police move into space to further their oppression...


  1. Come on, if there weren't any cops in legoland then who's gonna shoot the bad guys? You can't have good guys without bad guys. In my legoland the bad guy usually won, but only after driving his stolen car through the police station and taking out the chopper.. then being covered in fake blood.. mmm to me a child again :)

  2. We always had the old version of blacktron space dude covered I all black with the bazooka/camera becoming the Terminator and destroying the city. That's how it usually ended