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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5984-1 - Lunar Limo

Can we just start by  Look at this thing.  It's a space police set but...look how sleek and unblocky it is.

Alright so, we have a limo, the ultimate symbol of the Western Bourgeoisie, but in space, and piloted by a criminal.  In the space future, are criminal the bourgeoisie?  Or is this a commentary on the modern bourgeois, white collar criminals, bankers and wall street barons?

The limo itself is pretty blinged out, with gold all over.  And the main criminal, Brick Daddy (my god, what a name) has some absurd gun/vehicle, so it's safe to assume that he isn't a white collar criminal.  But what is his motivation for busting Jawson out of jail (an assumption based on his orange jumpsuit). 

But why break him out of jail?  It's hard to say.  He he has room for Jawson in his limo, so my guess would be they work together.  Interesting that the space police only pursue aliens (will probably discuss this issue later...xenophobia etc.) but that the aliens are generally able to work together.  Are the aliens being oppressed?  Do they turn to a life of crime because they are unable to find jobs in lego city, and are forced to reside in the cold confines of space?  A topic that deserves further discussion I think.

Ahh but let us examine Brick Daddy himself.  The obvious conclusion is that he is a pimp.  The purple suit, tricked out ride, hat that matches the rest of his outfit.  It's really the only conclusion.  So, assuming that Brick Daddy is a Jawson...his bitch/prostitute?

Well, he is interesting looking...large mouth...not really sure what to say.  But I think this is a fair hypothesis of the situation.

Overall, and odd crime vehicle...unless if he is a pimp, in which case it all makes sense.

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