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Friday, December 17, 2010


The Lego city government relinquished control of the mail system, opting to sell the rights to a small mail delivery service.  From humble beginnings, this small time bike courier service would one day grow into the large delivery organization we see today.

6420-1 Mail Carrier started it all.  Just a boy and his bike, and the will to deliver.

But this would not suffice for long.  Lego city has a lot of mail that needs to be delivered, and with that came 7731 - Mail Van.  A sleek hybrid vehicle, the proprietor of LEGO CITY MAIL LTD. had grown, now sporting facial hair, and wearing glasses, a result of the millions of letters he read throughout his career.

Things quickly went down from here though.  Mail delivery had once been his calling, but now with all the revenue he started getting into hard drugs and hiring Lego prostitutes.  When his dealer was detained by the Lego City Police, he knew he needed his own supplier.  Using funds from the now expanding courier service, our delivery boy bought his own delivery plane.

7732-1 - Air Mail was just a front to support his cocaine habit.  No borders, not security checks, just weekly deliveries of pure Colombian powder.  How depressing.

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  1. Lol, when pigs get greedy they get slaughtered. Poor courier guy, but he had it cominng.