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Sunday, July 31, 2011

2846: Indian Kayak

One of those impulse sets.  Usually not a fan of impulse sets, unless if the minifigure is unique or interesting.

Feel like Native American is the preferred nomenclature here.  also that kayak doesn't even have sides, water is going to get all up in it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

6613: Telephone Booth

A relic of a somewhat bygone era, the Telephone Booth used to be seen on every street corner.  Today they're found mostly in airports and bars, the rest being replaced by cell phones.  This 1986 set features a somewhat fancy setup, with a roof and seating.

I really like the design of the bench, very unique to use the inverted slopes as a base for the chair pieces.  Something I want to use in my own creations.

Maybe the dude is a bike messenger, getting a new assignment.  Probably a hipster on a fucking fixie.

The phone booth is yellow which is kinda weird, but I was thinking that maybe phone booths in Denmark are yellow.  I did a bit of research (via Google image search) and it would appear that Danish phone booths are Green.

Friday, July 22, 2011

6462: Ariel Recovery

Ted:  Frank!  Frank, what the hell are you doing!
Frank:  Recovering motorcycles.  There was a huge flood so I figured I'd grab a motorcycle.  The kid has been nagging that he wants one for his birthday.
Ted:  Frank we are supposed to be saving people, not recovering motorcycles so that you can get back at your ex.
Frank:  I just feel like this is the only way he'll ever respect me, if I show up one evening on a black three-wheeled motorcycle, and we ride off into the sunset.  I don't care if his mother has him every weekend, I'm going to take my son on a motorcycle ride!

Ted:  Frank, you need to let go.  He'll come around.  A few more years and you'll be able to go to the bar with him, talk about girls and watch some goddam baseball.
Frank:  I guess you're right.  I'll bring the chopper down so we can grab that scuba diver.  Fucking tourists.
Ted:  Fuckin' tourists.

Seriously can anyone explain why they are trying to save a motorcycle instead of flood victims???