Deconstructing Lego is a blog that analyzes Lego sets under a variety of lenses, sometimes comparing similar sets from different years or creating a story based around a set or analyzing the implicit message that a set creates.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

6613: Telephone Booth

A relic of a somewhat bygone era, the Telephone Booth used to be seen on every street corner.  Today they're found mostly in airports and bars, the rest being replaced by cell phones.  This 1986 set features a somewhat fancy setup, with a roof and seating.

I really like the design of the bench, very unique to use the inverted slopes as a base for the chair pieces.  Something I want to use in my own creations.

Maybe the dude is a bike messenger, getting a new assignment.  Probably a hipster on a fucking fixie.

The phone booth is yellow which is kinda weird, but I was thinking that maybe phone booths in Denmark are yellow.  I did a bit of research (via Google image search) and it would appear that Danish phone booths are Green.


  1. A blast from my childhood past.

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