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Sunday, July 31, 2011

2846: Indian Kayak

One of those impulse sets.  Usually not a fan of impulse sets, unless if the minifigure is unique or interesting.

Feel like Native American is the preferred nomenclature here.  also that kayak doesn't even have sides, water is going to get all up in it.


  1. I love LEGO but damn that has to be one of the laziest "sets" ever. That kayak is like, what, 5 bricks total? Also, as you pointed out, Indian is really somewhat offensive.

  2. Native American is the preferred nomenclature? Somebody better notify the National Museum of the American Indian.

  3. Yeah, in the U.S. it's totally American Indian vs. Native American. Because of this I'm no longer able to check Native American on questionnaires and official documents.

    I'm Native American because I was born in America and my family has been here before the US existed. I'm not however, an American Indian.