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Friday, July 22, 2011

6462: Ariel Recovery

Ted:  Frank!  Frank, what the hell are you doing!
Frank:  Recovering motorcycles.  There was a huge flood so I figured I'd grab a motorcycle.  The kid has been nagging that he wants one for his birthday.
Ted:  Frank we are supposed to be saving people, not recovering motorcycles so that you can get back at your ex.
Frank:  I just feel like this is the only way he'll ever respect me, if I show up one evening on a black three-wheeled motorcycle, and we ride off into the sunset.  I don't care if his mother has him every weekend, I'm going to take my son on a motorcycle ride!

Ted:  Frank, you need to let go.  He'll come around.  A few more years and you'll be able to go to the bar with him, talk about girls and watch some goddam baseball.
Frank:  I guess you're right.  I'll bring the chopper down so we can grab that scuba diver.  Fucking tourists.
Ted:  Fuckin' tourists.

Seriously can anyone explain why they are trying to save a motorcycle instead of flood victims???


  1. Hahaha this post made me lol! I don't know.. probably because in the lego universe its' all about constructing. Lego humanoids are just for burning in the toilet.

  2. You could argue they're a salvage team, but then the "Rescue" label on the side of the fucking helicopter totally debunks that theory.

  3. Also those propellers are way too small for such a big helicopter.