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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

8403-1 - City House

The city house.  A very different set from the general city line.  We have the standard small building with no back, which we find it many city sets ranging from fire to police.  Of note, there are solar panels on the roof and a green (presumably for recycling) which evokes an image of modernity, contrasted with the tree fort on the left and a grill, 1950s holdovers.

Clearly, a recently gentrified neighborhood.  The solar panels were purchased because of the tax break that Obama provided.  Where else would you see a treehouse in a city?  Not to mention a yard.  Obviously a vacant lot next door to their rowhome/townhouse which they appropriated on the cheap.

But let us examine the family itself.

An average white family, mom, dad, and a son.  Mom is clearly a fit and good looking woman, able to wear a tank top and drink wine.  I would say 28 years old.  The dad, a young 33 year old yuppie, is for some reason using a wrench to cook hot dogs.  He yearns for that father he never had, that father which would teach him how to grill, how to be a man.  He keeps his facial hair stubbly to appear young, but we all know he is past his prime.  The shirt, clearly some sk8r brand shirt, a futile attempt to reclaim his youth.

And the son...a red headed stepchild.  How else could such an abomination be created?  Wearing his Hollister hoodie, he doesn't realize the truth behind his existence...that swingers party when both mom and dad began going through their midlife crisis, and 'Ted' lied about his vasectomy.

The family seems so happy, always smiling.  As soon as the son enrolls at the state university though, a divorce is assured.

The only question that remains is, who will get the dog?


  1. This is hilarious! saw it on _chan
    keep goin dude

  2. Wow. My kids love this set; not I'm not sure if I'll ever look at it the same again...