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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dr. Kilroy's Microcopter

Look at this helicopter.  Does it even have landing gear?  That whirly blade is so small, how can it carry a doctor (who is probably kinda fat, let's be honest), a camera, a shovel, and a gun.  Also, why a rifle?  Feel like a doctor shouldn't bring a gun, or just a small one maybe for personal protection.

How does he control the helicopter, seems like there is a single oddly shaped joystick.  No other controls or meters to show fuel (imagination), altitude, etc.  Also, seems like he can't sit down all the way.  What an odd design.

Of course, this is a small stocking stuffer that was actually given away with candy/food in some regions (Japan I believe) so accuracy/aerodynamics don't need to apply.  Still a silly sort of design though I suppose.  The color scheme is nice, very Octan.  Wonder if Octan ever caused an oil spill?

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